Thursday, March 30, 2006

Emergency Boot CD fix Spyware & Virus

The Emergency Boot CD

Is your computer getting slow cannot connect to the internet or suffering from lots of pop-ups? Has your home page been changed without your knowledge?

Do you suspect that your computer may be infected with Spyware Viruses and Worms? If so you may need professional tools like the experts.

I developed the Emergency Boot CD to repair most problems caused by Malware on the Internet. The Emergency Boot CD comes with all of the utilities you need to clean and repair your PC. If you are a computer user you will find it invaluable.

This CD contains powerful utilites for backup restore repair and administration of your Windows PC. It is useful either for casual home users or experienced administrators.
No other boot CD comes close.

Here is a screenshot of the Emergency Boot Cd I am working on. It allows one to boot to a known clean OS and perform tasks like backing up files, scan and clean virus and spyware infections, reset passwords, surf the internet, read Adobe Acrobat PDF files, read Windows product keys, and much more.


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