Monday, April 03, 2006

The French Phisherman returns!

Some people just won't quit.
I just received another spoof email from the "French Phisherman"
This clown won't go away quietly. Time to make it hurt.
First thing I did was enterhis url into
The URL for this clown is the same as last week:
This resolves to
Same server in France. Will someone email them in French and shut this scammer down?
Here is the info from DNS Stuff: (
IP address:           
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
ASN: 3215
ASN Name: AS3215 (France Telecom Transpac)
IP range connectivity: 1
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): FR [France]
Country Currency: EUR [euros]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal

MFRCHAMPAGNE-LORRAINE.NET is the server hosting this scammer. Somebody shut him down, now!

City (per outside source): Paris, Ile-De-France


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